Thursday, 22 November 2012

Creative Compulsion

I think people of a similar creative persuasion know that being creative isn't a choice - it's a compulsion, an instinct. To deny it equates to insanity. I think that's what separates artists from the fame whores and reality TV stars. It's also part of the reason I am ever reluctant to participate in a TV talent show, even though some people incessantly encourage me to audition for the likes of X Factor.
 I personally want to create something I feel is brilliant and unique, which doesn't necessarily mean commercial (and big money for anyone). I feel like the whole world has gone back to front in recent years, or maybe it's always been like it. Didn't it used to be the case that being accomplished/a master in something was admired, then popularity naturally followed? Now it seems to me, that the popularity is the main goal and talent is a secondary factor. No doubt driven initially by big corporations wanting to make a quick buck. Because that sort of stuff is the most widely available, the general public are only exposed to that, thus expectations are lowered. And because big corporations are generally only interested in the bottom line, they then exclude funding artists that could be successful, because they don't think they will make them enough money?

I'm so sick of the increasing celebration of mediocrity. I can't vouch for the rest of the world, but it seems we love a bit of blandness in this country. What ever happened to innovation? Everyone wants to be the next [insert name]. How about crafting own identity? 

I think the public will always value quality, no matter what. It's just a shame a lot of it won't get heard by people, because we're all so busy scurrying around in our manic 21st century commercial lives. 

Of course, it is possible to be commercial and good, but it's only a lucky few that accomplish that unique mix. You've got to be be driven to the point of madness, or be mad to be successful, it would appear.

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