Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Do We Ever Really Grow Up?

Hopefully, if you're over 18 years old you don't behave like this, but still . . .
Most of us wear many different hats. Today I've gone from marketing executive extraordinaire (cough) to domestic goddess to veterinarian and finally to the present hat of choice - vapid blogger. All within the space of two hours. This got me thinking about my view of adults as a child.

At a younger age most of us tended to look up to adults as if they were an entirely different species, super human/super heroes - if you will. Adults were capable of curing our ills, providing sustenance and being inexhaustible wells of pocket money (Where did it come from? Did we even think about that?). They could do cool 'grown-up' things like driving cars, have loads of keys on their key rings with actual uses for them (How cool is that?). And ultimately, adults could (seemingly) cope with all the things that appeared so terrifying and alien to us as children.

Here's the catch. When you turn 18/21 or at what ever age your particular culture deems you an adult, a fairy Godmother does not suddenly descend via bubble* in the manner of Glinda from the Wizard of Oz, casting a spell upon you which renders you now a fully functioning adult. No magic spell erases all that you were or are. You're still the same person you were yesterday. But now suddenly you're plunged into adulthood . . . without an Idiot's 'How-to' guide. Holy crap, where do we go from here? You begin to realise that the adults you looked up to, whom were the same age that you are right now, couldn't possibly have been the demigods you once thought they were. In fact, at this point you're likely starting to realise they were probably just as shit scared and confused as you are right at that moment.

Age is but a number. Just because you are X age does not mean you should behave in X manner, should not like (or should) like X, nor should you have achieved X. We all develop differently based upon a myriad of factors. Notably our individual personalities, life experiences and outlook. There are people that want to start families by the time they're 20. There are people at 30 that can't even comprehend starting a family, but maybe one day . . . There are people of vastly (or not so vastly) different ages that find an affinity with each; a matching of outlooks, tastes, experiences etc. This kind of companionship is perfectly acceptable between adults. Unfortunately sometimes society's archaic moral stance can be negative towards such relationships.

Of course, we are all subjected to the essence of time, which can sometimes influence and hasten decisions. By a slightly cruel twist of fate and evolution our hearts and minds don't always correlate with our biological clocks.

So, at what point do we 'grow up'? I put it to you that we may never, in fact, 'grow up' in what is the traditionally perceived way. With time, experience will make us wiser and more familiar with certain things. But really, are we all just scared children doing the best we can with the hand we have been dealt?

Pardon me while I depart to try complete a particularly tricky part on my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Playstation 2 game . . .

*Sorry, I just had to get a Wicked reference in there somewhere.

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