Thursday, 22 November 2012

Poorly? Do Yourself In & Relive The System?

I genuinely pity people that don't have a grasp on how difficult it is for people with ongoing health difficulties of any kind. More over, I'm disgusted to learn some people think these people would be better off killing themselves and "Doing us a favour" to relief your taxes. Wow, what's it like to be a monster with no compassion for your fellow man? It would be karma for you to one day suffer, and have the same restrictions, difficulties and prejudices placed on you - then let's see what you think.

If people can help themselves, great, but if they need support to live a life close to 'normal' as possible, you want to deny them that? Stick them on food stamps, nothing more, so they have to suffer in poverty their whole lives? Does that really sound morally right to you? Also, counter-productive. I think the fact remains, those that want to help themselves in some way always will do so, and those that really don't want to will always find a way to play the system regardless.

So what do we have left? Those that need help suffering the worst. Millions of pounds in 'saved' tax money being fed back in, in a roundabout way to help the same people.

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